“Whoever saves a child, saves the world”
The "Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka"
Milhous Children Home

The Milhous Children's Home is a private initiative of the 'Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka', which was established after the tsunami of 2004. The aim of the Stichting (or Foundation) is to provide the essential support for children and orphans in Sri Lanka that will ensure that they can look forward to a better and more hopeful future.

Thanks to the size of the donations, the Stichting has now been able to build three children's homes/orphanages where a maximum of 90 children can enjoy a safe and loving home life while also benefitting from education and medical care arrangements.  

At the end of June 2009 the first Milhous Children's Home opened in Panumugama, giving a home and protection to 24 girls. In March 2011, construction started on the second house for 24 girls in Katupotha, with the work being carried out by local building constructors. It was completed in January 2012.

On 11th January 2014 the SMI Child Care and Development Center was opened. This third house is located in Kelaniya near Colombo.

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