Comments regarding the terrorist attacks on Wednesday 24th of April 2019:

This morning I read the article about the foundation in the newspaper. I had already suspected that the attacks would also have an effect on the orphanages … Hopefully the situation is a somewhat better, if possible. I can well imagine that there is now a lot of fear among the girls.

It must be very difficult to sit here and not really be able to help and support the people over there, but hopefully everything is under control!

With the charity committee we do our very best to raise money, and we certainly think of you! We sympathize with you and really hope that the situation will improve.


Your thoughts and those of the others from the Goes foundation Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka are with the children and sisters of their children’s homes there. It was an attack on Christians, among others, and they are also Christians. I think of you and wish you a lot of strength.


We cannot understand and are full of sadness regarding the attacks that took place on Easter morning in Sri Lanka, that such a beautiful country is confronted with many innocent victims.
We hope that there are no acquaintances of the foundation among those affected.
We wish you and the foundation much strength and success with the beautiful work you do there.


We wish you much strength in this difficult period. We will remember the children, the sisters and of course you in our prayers.



Comments on the newsletter of March 2019:

Dear Mrs. Uitterhoeve,

Thank you for the interesting newsletter of March last.
How wonderful that the work of the foundation benefits so many children.
So nice that you were able to experience it yourself.

Previous comments:
From a hobby which seemed to just keep growing, my friends and I have started to make and repair brocade decorations in our house. Last week, we held a sort of ‘Christmas Shop’. The amounts that we made go to a charity. This year we want to support you. In April we are planning to be at a ‘market’ in Jelsum (in Friesland) and we propose to donate what we make to the Stichting. Could you possibly send us some leaflets and photos to decorate our stand?
Hendrika Kooi and Els ter Veen, Leeuwarden

On behalf of the children from our orphanages in Sri Lanka, our thanks to the Board of the Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka and to all their donors for their generosity over the past year. Through this financial support we are able to continue our work for the orphans of Sri Lanka.
This year, I have not sent any Christmas cards from the company. The money saved has been made over to the Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka. I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.
An anonymous donor

I read your report of your trip with great pleasure. I think it is excellent that with the help of the money from donors, you can help the children and also support local businesses. Really, really, really super! Keep up the good work!