Children’s Homes

Our children’s homes are inhabited by orphans and sometimes by very poor children whose parents are unable to take care of them. The children are referred to the homes by the police and/or local authorities. In addition, a number of children have also been taken in who were found living in pitiful conditions on the streets. In these instances the child protection service issues an official permit to allow them to be taken into the home.

The children are cared for by the sisters of the congregation Mary Immaculate, under the leadership of Sister Amatha. The welfare and daily needs of the children are further ensured thanks to careful monitoring by the child protection operations of Sri Lanka. The age of children in the homes ranges between 3 and 18 years and in principle, once they reach 18 they will leave the home (but will still remain under the supervision of the sisters). The foundation will then, of course, do everything that is possible to provide the necessary financial resources to help them on their way.
The children’s homes provide good accommodation and support, with the sisters ensuring that the children receive love, attention, protection, education, food and psychological and medical care.

The child protection service in Sri Lanka sets high standards for childrens’ carers in terms of education and development, and these are fully met by the sisters. Once the children reach elementary school age they attend school in the village, with classes being provided for both boys and girls. As board of the foundation we consider it important that children receive a good education and also learn English as this will ensure that they have better opportunities for an independent life later on.

The Children’s Homes:




Milhous Children’s Home
The Milhous children’s Home is located in the town of Pamunugama in the Gampaha district, on the peninsular between the large cities of Colombo and Negombo. Its address is: 586 Nugape Pamunugama.






Katupotha Children’s Home
The Katupotha children’s Home is situated in the small village of Katupotha in the district of Kurunegala. The address is: Pubbowa OR-Ratahmalla Colombo 5 Road, Katupotha.





SMI Child Care and Development Center
The SMI Child Care and Development Center is located in Kelaniya, near Colombo. The address is:  No. 346 Sinharamulla, Pilapitiya-Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. In the vicinity of the home there are good facilities for medical care and education.



Ja Ela


Ja Ela
The fourth children’s home is situated in Ja Ela and was opened on January 14th 2018. The address is: Annasiwatta, Nivandama South, Ja Ela.





In the vicinity of the four homes there are fine facilities for medical care and education.

The children’s homes are also supported by local people who often demonstrate their commitment by taking an active interest in the homes and by offering ‘gifts in kind’ such as rice. Meals are often provided for the homes as a form of ‘almsgiving’.