Foundation: “Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka”


Simon Vestdijklaan 27
THE NETHERLANDS +31 113 212290

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Bank acc. no. : NL 83 RABO 0111 7991 12
Chamber of commerce: 22058464

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      You can become a donator from € 5 per month.
      Of course, one-off donations are also very welcome.

      All your donations are tax-deductible, as we are a recognized ANBI foundation.

      Until 2014, you could only fully deduct a periodic donation from the tax if you had registered it with the notary. From 2014 onwards, this will no longer be necessary. You can now register your donation via a private written agreement with the foundation “Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka”. The duration of the agreement is mandatory at least five years, you can decide for yourself whether you pay the annual amount at once or split it up into several (monthly) amounts. The big advantage is that your donation is fully deductible from your taxable income and you therefore receive a part of your donation back from the tax authorities. Donations that are not recorded in writing as a periodic donation are only partially deductible. Click here for the application form to record a periodic donation to the foundation: “Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka”.