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    26th of February 2015
    Reactions to death of Dick Keizer

    It was with deep sorrow that we had to announce the passing of Dick Keizer on 5th January 2015
    Following the special ‘Dick Keizer – In Memoriam’ Newsletter we have received many reactions:
    Such sad news. I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the Committee members – how you must miss Dick Keizer. While I was there, he twice visited our infants’ group to tell them all about the orphanages and he struck me as being a very sincere man whose heart ‘was in the right place’. It was pleasing to read that you are continuing with your good work.
    Dorothe (teacher, Prinses Beatrix School)
    An excellent ‘In Memoriam’. It is good that you recognize Dick Keizer’s contribution in this way.
    If you read it you fall silent… some people you think, can never be missed… especially those whose efforts are on behalf of others.
    Johan and Hannie
    Thank you for sending the Newsletter. It presented such a positive picture of the work that Dick leaves behind him. I hope that the work which you have started will continue to bear fruit in the future.
    What a fine ‘In Memoriam’ for Dick Keizer in the Newsletter. You will certainly miss him and even more so, his family.
    It was a good way to remember a good person. With someone new in your committee it will of course never be the same. But setting out together on your ‘new adventure’ will of course create a new and special bond… after all in life, everything is give and take.
    I have just read the Newsletter and would like to say I find it fitting that Dick Keizer should be remembered in this way.
    What a good ‘In Memoriam’ for Dick. It presents a very positive image.
    What a good Newsletter. It is good to look back and remember. Well done!
    What a memorable and positive Newsletter to receive. Dick is reflected in exactly the right way. He was always very involved with the Stichting and now that he is gone, he will be greatly missed. It is good that you, as a 4-strong committee will be continuing the good work. My compliments.

    It is with deep regret that we learnt of the recent demise of our beloved friend Dick Peter Willem Keizer. Please accept our deepest sympathy and assurance of prayers for the repose of his soul.
    We cannot say enough of this great man who was always in the forefront in the work of the Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka. He had a deep concern for the poor children of our country and spared no pains to provide them with the best he could.
    It was always a pleasure for me to meet him here on his visits. Kindness and love for the poor was so visible in him.

    From the time that we heard of his ailment we have been praying for him and now God has called him for his eternal reward. I am sure he has a very good place in heaven beside his Creator.
    Even though we are unable to be present physically at the service in Dick’s honour we will be certainly united in spirit and prayer with everyone present on the occasion.
    Please convey my deepest sympathies and that of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate, together with that of the children in the Orphanages, to the bereaved family of Dick and members of the Stichtling.
    May his soul rest in peace.

    + Oswald Gomis
    Archbishop Emeritus of Colombo

    I read your report of your trip with great pleasure. I think it is excellent that with the help of the money from donors, you can help the children and also support local businesses. Really, really, really super! Keep up the good work!

    Happy Christmas… and here is an extra Christmas donation.
    Fam. De Jonge-Maartens, ‘s-Heerenhoek

    A contribution towards your good work
    W. Lobbezoo, Goes

    To the Board… our best wishes for 2013 and continued success with the work you are doing for all the children in Sri Lanka.
    Piet and Ans Clarisse

    On behalf of the children from our orphanages in Sri Lanka, our thanks to the Board of the Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka and to all their donors for their generosity over the past year. Through this financial support we are able to continue our work for the orphans of Sri Lanka.
    This year, I have not sent any Christmas cards from the company. The money saved has been made over to the Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka. I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.
    An anonymous donor

    Many thanks to the Board for the good work and everything you have achieved and best wishes for 2013.
    I. Verdouw, Middelburg

    It is good to hear that all goes well with the little girl who had a heart operation… good work!
    Mirte van Os

    Happy Christmas and New Year for the Children’s Home in Pamunugama an Katupotha. Best wishes.
    Karel and Imelda Prent

    Best wishes for the Stichting in the coming year.
    P.L. Schuller

    Happy Christmas and a good New Year.
    Family Evers

    From a hobby which seemed to just keep growing, my friends and I have started to make and repair brocade decorations in our house. Last week, we held a sort of ‘Christmas Shop’. The amounts that we made go to a charity. This year we want to support you. In April we are planning to be at a ‘market’ in Jelsum (in Friesland) and we propose to donate what we make to the Stichting. Could you possibly send us some leaflets and photos to decorate our stand?
    Hendrika Kooi and Els ter Veen, Leeuwarden